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This should not be taken for, and is not a substitute for legal advice. By submitting you agree to be contacted by one of
one of our Debt Relief or Bankruptcy Lawyer Partners.

In a perfect world, a consultation with a debt or bankruptcy lawyer contains these elements - We Offer All Of them FREE!

True independent personal debt analysis -
Too often debt or bankruptcy consultations amount to no more than a sales pitch by the agent. Debt settlement companies want you to sign up for debt settlement. Bankruptcy lawyers try to have you file for bankruptcy. Non-profit counseling services want to enroll debtors for debt counseling and so on. The Bankruptcy Opinion program gives advice on what it feels best fits your personal financial circumstances without any allegiance to a particular debt elimination method. You don't want a bankruptcy sales job, you just want honest advice about "Should I file bankruptcy?"

Benefit of years of experience with debt clients -

The creator or Bankruptcy Opinion spent 10 years as a practicing debt and bankruptcy lawyer representing consumers to eliminate their credit card and other debt, save their homes from foreclosure and file bankruptcy when necessary. In recent years his expertise has been used for articles and programs in the New York Times on CNN, and as a co-author for two personal finance books. That knowledge became the foundation for the Bankruptcy Opinion system.

High number of personal debt solution options -
Debt lawyers or other debt professionals may examine just a few ways to eliminate your personal credit obligations. The Bankruptcy Opinion performs in depth analysis looking at how your own personal circumstances would qualify you as a candidate for ten different methods of getting rid of your personal debt.

Understanding of each option’s pros and cons -

Aside from examining how each debt option will work for you, the Bankruptcy Opinion program understands and takes into account the particular issues associated with each debt solution. For example some debt relief choices come with negative consequences for your credit score. The exact relevance depends on many personal factors and Bankruptcy Opinion endeavors to integrate these individual details.

Fast answers, easy forms-

Filling out the Bankruptcy Opinion forms, performing the thousands of complex computations and receiving your recommendations can take as little as two minutes for the entire process. No appointment needed, no long waits for results. Everything quick and right on your computer screen or over the phone.

Plain language explanations and education -

As a part of your results from the Bankruptcy Opinion personal debt analysis program you find quick basic answers, but also links to free articles and FAQs so that you can gain a much better understanding of the particular debt elimination method suggested, how it works and understand for yourself why it fits your finances.

Available anytime you need, 24/7 -
Day or night, even all weekend, the Bankruptcy Opinion online debt analysis program awaits your input and stands ready to respond. Live phone in help lines remain open 9am to 9pm weekdays eastern time. Contact us however you like best.

Accuracy -
Bankruptcy Opinion’s creator spent 3 years of his undergraduate education working on artificial intelligence computer programming, including 2 years working one on one with a professor who won a Nobel Prize for his work in artificial intelligence. Over 200 pages of computer code with that level of expertise makes the Bankruptcy Opinion astoundingly accurate.

Comfort and Anonymity -
No need to get into fancy clothes and drive a hour across town, fill out the forms or make a call in your pajamas if you like. Some debtors also like the fact that they can get advice without having to see anyone face to face or feel that the person on the other side of the desk might be judging them or looking down upon them.

No obligation -
Using the Bankruptcy Opinion program does not obligate the consumer to pursue any of the debt elimination solutions suggested by the program or even to talk to any of the providers recommended. You should view the advice from Bankruptcy Opinion not as an obligation or legal advice, but rather as educated friendly recommendations. Ultimately you must make the final choice as to how you wish to tackle your personal debt.

Consumer control -
Sometimes debtors will receive additional suggestions for debt elimination solutions which may work but may not look like the best on first glance or quite as good as another method. The consumer maintains control to hear from representatives of these additional options, when offered, or to not examine extra choices. The consumer always keeps control over how they ultimately want to handle their personal debt and who they want to help them.

Using the Bankruptcy Opinion system or calling our number for debt assistance costs nothing. When we suggest a particular solution for your personal debt problems we always refer you to someone who will start by giving you a free no obligation consultation to further explain the details of the method recommended. You will never incur any fees unless you decide to hire someone to help you become debt free using their particular expertise. The costs, if any, should be fully explained during the free consultation.

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